What if my child cries?


Remember the lyrics, “Ask a baby not to cry, it’s just impossible”.  It’s so true, crying is absolutely allowed and quite honestly, expected. Fear of the unknown can be a scary thing for a kid (and adults too!). At NHPD, our goal is to keep the kids and parents at ease during your entire visit. b We speak a very special language at New Heights Pediatric Dentistry. We use special words and descriptions that are kid-friendly and relatable.
For example:

  1. X-rays are pictures!
  2. The handpiece is NOT A DRILL, its our “special toothbrush”.
  3. Nitrous Oxide is “Happy Air”
  4. A needle or injection is just medicine to make your tooth sleepy.

Try to avoid words such as “needle” and we suggest that you try not to tell the child “nothing will hurt” unless they ask. When we say the “H” word it puts the idea in their little heads.