The first visit! What to expect.


A dental office can be an alien place for a child.  There are strange smells and noises. Strangers in uniforms carry sharp shiny metal instruments. Other grown-ups sit or pace around looking worried. It is hardly surprising that dentistry provokes anxiety in children. Factors associated with dental anxiety:

  1. The attitude of parents towards dentistry
  2. Child’s medical and dental experiences
  3. Dental experience of siblings and friends
  4. Type of preparation at home
  5. The child’s own perception that something is wrong with their teeth

Here are some ProTips on how to get your child ready for their dental visit:

  1. Avoid saying anything negative about the dentist or your own dental experiences.
  2. Don’t use a trip to the dentist as punishment for eating candy or forgetting to brush their teeth.
  3. Try not to promise a reward for good behavior prior to the visit. All kids get access to the toy chest after their exam!
  4. Pay special attention to the kinds of words you use when talking about the dental visit.

Together, we can make this a fun experience for your child and even have them looking forward to their appointments.