How Much Sugar is in Your Drinks?


Did you know that there’s no dietary requirement for added sugar?  Every single calorie we get from added sugar is a wasted opportunity to get calories from sources that actually provide nutrition.  The American Heart Association recommends lowering your sugar intake to only 6% of your daily calories, for which a single can of soda could send you over the limit.  This limit is exceeded by 90% of Americans.

In 2017 the American Heart Association released its guidelines for children, recommending they get no more than about six teaspoons per day, which means there are nearly a hundred cereals on the U.S. market for which a single serving exceeded the entire recommended daily limit. And the heart association recommends no added sugars at all under age two. Small toddlers are to avoid added sugars altogether, a recommendation that’s violated… in up to 80% of toddlers.”  Read the full article on

Source: – The Recommended Daily Added Sugar Intake