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Tooth Decay is the most common chronic childhood disease affecting 1 in 5 kids by Kindergarten. It is important to find a dental home before there is a problem or an emergency. A stressful situation can be made worse by having to find a dentist in a hurry.

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The Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend a child’s first dental visit be 6 months after the eruption of the first tooth or by their 1st birthday, whichever comes first.

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As children reach each “new height” in development, their dental needs change; from sleepless nights with a teething infant to a grade-schooler about to lose their 1st tooth, to a teenager about to get braces, and even your college-bound young adult, the team at New Heights Pediatric Dentistry is here to support you through these important transitions.


PaPa’s Garden & Little Library

Children aren’t the only things growing at NHPD! Learn about our small garden space!


The Zen Room

Taking a child to a pediatrician or dentist may be stressful for some caregivers. Learn about our Zen Room.


Prenatal Visits

A mother’s dental health can affect their child. Learn about our complimentary prenatal consultations with expectant parents. 


Special Needs

Providing dental care to individuals with special needs is an integral part of pediatric dentistry.  Learn how we address them. 


It takes a village to raise a child.” ~ African proverb
As the mother of three girls, I know first-hand what this means.

New Heights Pediatric Dentistry would like to be part of the village that helps you raise a healthy child.

Dr. Stacey A. Yandoli, DMD

Our Blog

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21 Nov 2022

The American Heart Association recommends lowering your sugar intake to only 6% of your daily calories, for which a single can of soda could send you over the limit. 

When should my child have X-rays?

12 Aug 2021

Taking X-rays is not based on age but rather on each patient’s individual circumstances. 

What if my child cries?

18 Dec 2020

Fear of the unknown can be a scary thing for a kid (and adults too!).

The first visit! What to expect.

08 Nov 2020

A dental office can be an alien place for a child.  There are strange smells and noises. Strangers in uniforms carry sharp shiny metal instruments.

What Clients Say


I think Dr. Stacey is very professional and very attentive.....dealing with children is challenging to say the least. I have never heard anything bad and never had a bad experience at this dentist.

Steve C

Simply terrific. I trust her to take care of my kids and the children of my friends for years. She is patient, caring, and a great resource. She goes to elementary schools to teach children as well. The entire office is amazing.

Kirsten T